Inside your SNES is a MIDI synthesizer waiting to be set free...
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Estimated shipping date is early 2022. Shipping to all countries supported by USPS International Shipping Service (with COVID-19 restrictions). We currently cannot ship to Australia and New Zealand with USPS, so please email us directly for special accomodations. Non-US customers are responsible for any local taxes or duties associated with this import. If we are not able to ship to your country or for other reasons unforeseen we may be forced to cancel the order, in such case your money will be returned in full. We cannot provide refunds but we will replace your unit if it is defective upon arrival for up to 60 days, you will be responsible for return shipping costs.


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Features and Documentation

Check the documentation for a thorough list of features.


Note: Design is not final. Final cartridge shell will be injection molded ABS

NTSC Super Nintendo (Transparent)

NTSC Super Nintendo

IO Jacks

PAL Super Nintendo

Front of Super MIDI Pak

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